Cheryl Chaddick

For many years I was a certified instructor and certification trainer for the Ellie Herman Studios in San Francisco. I moved to Austin in 2006. I have been a professional choreographer, dance teacher, and performer since my teens. I was invited by Ellie to become certified in her Pilates program in 1999. Over the years of my teaching and training in Pilates I became educated in the rehabilitation program offered at Ellie's school. Having had many injuries as a dancer the rehab work changed my life and enabled me to dance much longer than I would have been able to without it. I have realized that if not addressed early many injuries can lead to permanent deficits and pain in one's life. I have learned that our bodies are intricate tapestries in which the parts are in constant communication, often in the most unexpected ways. In working with the Janda system I have been able to rehab most of my own injuries (thankfully!) and those of others. I was trained by Liz Roman, one of the leading experts in the Janda approach in San Francisco.

I am happy to bring this type of healing work to Austin to those who are seeking help with recurring or persistent injuries that have no underlying medical basis. In working with body alignment, gait, and muscle testing, I have seen clients move onto a more physical life with the ability to do daily functions without stress. 

I believe that we are made of energy and thought and that change is completely possible with the right skills and understanding of ourselves and our bodies.

I currently teach modern dance at Ballet Austin. My company is Chaddick Dance Theater here in Austin ( I work out of the Mindful Body Center in north Austin off Burnet Road near 2222.


  • Senior Pilates Instructor
  • Choreographer
  • Dance Teacher
  • Janda Approach
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